8 Questions with Bianca Reiss of Agatha Cub

This Friday we are getting ready to launch one of our most anticipated new brands this season, Agatha Cub.  Agatha Cub brings a fresh take to the world of children's clothes, and we cannot get enough of it.  Creative Director and Founder, Biaca Reiss set out on a mission to bring kids "real stuff worth wearing".  She wants to inspire our cubs to be curious and ask questions.  She has left us asking for more!  We bring you 8 simple questions with Bianca as well as a sneak peak to what you will find on this Friday's launch: 
1.  I launched Agatha Cub in  _2014. Before that I was a women’s knitwear designer!

2.  The best part of being a designer is _being able to create whole new world.

3.  The most important part of my day is:

( ) exercise
(x) coffee
( ) wine 
( ) sleep
( ) shopping
( ) ____________

*she scored major points with us on that one
4.  If I had one word to describe Agatha Cub's style it would be … __Rad!___
5.  Mommy and me dressing: yay or nay? Yay!

6.  If I didn't live in NY I'd want to live in ____LA___

7.  Favorite piece for this coming Fall/Winter season is: _Our reversible bomber jacket___
8.  Best entrepreneurial advice I've ever received: _Isolate and outsource!
September 02, 2015 by Cristina Bustamante
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