5 Questions with the Stellar Mom Behind Stellar Seven

Our Ain't No Mama T-Shirt has easily become this season's Best Seller! We thought it would be a good idea to give you all a glimpse into the brains behind this amazing line out of California.  We sat down with Catherine Ruiz the outrageous mom/designer/owner and asked her 5 questions so we can all get to know her and what drives Stellar Seven.  When you're done come shop her collection including the highly coveted Ain't No Mama T-Shirt that has just been restocked!
Here it goes: 
1.  Your line is called Stellar Seven- we want to know why?  Tell us a little about you and what made you launch Stellar Seven. 
The inspiration behind the name comes from my son Stellar VII, hence that's where we got our name. He was born in 2012 and since I have always had a passion for fashion, I started coming up with different ideas on making custom shirts. I then designed our first print "Hola Mama" and started screen printing him his own shirts. Received many compliments on that shirt and the business just grew from there. I still to this day, screen print each and every shirt that goes out and I love it! 
2.  You are based out of California-- have you always been a Cali girl and do you think California has an impact on your designs. 
Yes, and I love it here! I've lived here since I was 3 and have never left. Haha But yes, absolutely! California is a huge influence when designing. There is all kinds of fashion here and it keeps my mind open when putting an idea together.  
3.  How has being a mom changed you when it comes to designing? 
Since I design mainly for kids, having Stellar definitely keeps me up to date  with current kids fashions. And I can relate to what kids are interested in or what's their favorite saying, etc. If it wasn't for Stellar, I wouldn't be where I'm at now! 
4.  How do you style your little one? What's your favorite go to look? 
I love the urban + casual look! I'm so into kids harems and those are prob my favorite item to put on Stellar. Along with Converse and of course a hat plus a Stellar Seven shirt!
5.  What do you see coming for Stellar Seven next season or just in the future. 
We definitely want to widen our clothing line. Hoping to have popup shops this year at different venues.   Also, we just started making women shirts and we are hoping to bring Men's shirts as well as more accessories. 
June 01, 2015 by Cristina Bustamante
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